Organic and Amphora wines from Villány, Hungary

Piros Béka – meaning “red frog” in Hungarian – wines are produced by Proske Wine Manufactory located in Villány, the southernmost wine region in Hungary.

We make BIO wines

From the beginning we had the goal of making a wine that is different from the typical uniform wine and develops its own individuality each year.

We love what we do

After finding this beautiful place, we decided to make wine – without knowing how. Undoubtedly a brave undertaking. However, with years of hard work and continuous learning, we think we are now doing quite well. Check out how we make our wines.

Amphora wines made in traditional Georgian “qvevri”

This is an ancient way of making wine. Nowadays it is once again spreading throughout the world. Amphora wines are special in many ways. Moreover, we use traditional Georgian amphora called qvevri, reviving the ancient method of wine-making.

Our wines

Regular wines

All of our wines are made by hand, mostly unfiltered and spontaneously fermented. We use no pesticides in our grapes and focus on sustainable production. Terroir is reflected in our wines as well as our passion.

Amphora wines

Also known as “qvevri wines,” are a type of wine that is produced using an ancient winemaking technique. Amphoras are large clay vessels used for fermentation and storage of the wine.

PétNat sparkling wine

PétNat, short for Pétillant Naturel, is a term used to describe a style of sparkling wine with unique and often vibrant character that is made using a method known as méthode ancestrale or ancestral method.

Our winery is in a beautiful small village called Kisjakabfalva

Proske Wine Manufactory is located in the south of Hungary and belongs to the wine region Villány, which is known for its red wines and has certainly not without reason the nickname “Bordeaux of the East”.

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