Our philosophy

We are committed to making the wines as natural as possible with minimal intervention in its development.

We make artisan, organic wines

From the beginning we had the goal of making a wine that is different from the typical uniform wine and develops its own individuality in each year.
This requires, among other things, a balanced ecosystem in the vineyard, which means that we do not use synthetic chemical substances here. In order to keep the soil life and biodiversity as active as possible, we green the rows between the vines with a wide variety of flowers and plants. The yield is 1 to max. 1.5 kg per stock and the wines are fermented spontaneously without additional yeast, so we achieve the respective and distinctive characteristics, such as color, smell and taste.
The wine is aged in barrels or original Georgian Amphoras for one to two years, after bottling follows the bottle aging.

In 2020, we finally realized our wish and are now also producing natural, organic wines in original Georgian amphora. Another challenge that brings a lot of joy and unique wines.

We have been officially certified organic by Bio Garancia, Hungary, since 2022.

Feel the difference

Our wines are unique and different from typical Villány wines in many ways. We strive to preserve the natural uniqueness of the wine. We use traditional and ancient methods, letting nature do its work.

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